Anti Aging Secret – Fast

Intermittent fasting is one of the most effective and easy to implement biohacks for longevity. Intermittent fasting means going without food periodically. This covers everything from skipping meals, to time-restricted eating, to alternate-day fasts, to multi-day fasts. Fasting turns on a process in your cells called autophagy, the cellular clean-up process.

You’re likely aware of the benefits of fasting from the ancient Hindus, and other Indian cultures that practice it, and have considered it as an anti-aging technique. And that’s because, it’s one of the most effective in slowing down the aging process. That’s because fasting, as the name suggests, is a form of fasting. And what is fasting except to deliberately restrict your eating time, to mimic fasting?

Fasting has been an important healing practice of the Hindus since they emigrated to the west in the year 100 CE. What’s fasting except to deliberately restrict your eating time, to mimic fasting? And when you are fasting, what you eat is withheld and processed until it’s not available to your body.

The healing benefits of fasting come from the intention and intentionality of it. That’s why in the ancient practices, fasting was considered a spiritual practice. The intention is that the body be replenished of all that is needed and to stimulate certain biological processes. Most importantly, this spiritual intention is done in the knowledge that in fasting, you will be supported by the help of your doctor in doing this. And the belief that fasting can help you live longer comes from the same intention.

And that belief is the secret to the anti-aging benefits of fasting. When you’re fasting, you experience your body’s healing process without eating, which helps your body process the food, and it speeds up the absorption of the nutrients. And that means you’ll be able to get the maximum benefits from the food, without eating. In fact, it’s usually recommended that you consume about 2-3 times less than your normal caloric intake. So that the diet will be more complete and balanced.

The same process comes into play when you do a juice fast. The juices are often used to help with cleansing, detoxification, and energizing. And it’s not uncommon for people to take a whole foods fast, rather than drink the juices, because the whole foods are usually more healthy.

The key is that fasting helps the process of your body being replenished. The fasting has the spiritual intention and the belief that the fasting can benefit you, and your belief creates the biochemical pathways that have the healing effect.

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