Breathe Right: The Biohacking Wellness You Need

Proper breathing is one of the simplest biohacks everyone can access for free. We are in a culture that does not breathe correctly. We don’t breathe from our belly, we breathe from our chest, and we’re not going to activate our diaphragm which means we’re not oxygenating. Lack of oxygen leads to increased inflammation and disease.

Just taking 10-20 deep breaths from our belly means we’re breathing correctly. The deeper we breathe, the faster we breathe. Without oxygen our body cannot heal itself. Without healthy cells, how can we improve our skin? Antiaging creams can’t do this.

But, we also need to breathe through our nose. We need to breathe through our diaphragm. We also need to oxygenate cells in our body, so we can prevent diseases and prolong life. We must activate our diaphragm to prevent cardiovascular disease.

In this article you’ll discover exactly how to breathe properly by having prop breathing. Then you’ll be able to improve your breathing to improve your skin.

I’ve already done this at times for my health, not just for my skin. I’ve done this in the office. I’ve done this when I had severe sinusitis. I’ve done it in a very low pressure room. And I’ve watched my friends do it in front of a live audience. All of them commented on how good their skin looked.

And what makes this work is the deep slow inhales. The deep slow exhales.

How to breathe properly

As I breathe in I focus on feeling my chest. Feeling my belly. Taking in every bit of air I can. Feel my chest rising and falling as I breathe in. Looking down. Down at my belly. Looking upward. Up at my chest. Trying to feel my belly fullness. Trying to feel my belly full as I exhale. And then I look up at my chest. As I exhale, I try to focus on my ribs.

As I exhale I try to focus on my lungs. And the next time I take a deep breath I try to focus on the muscles in my chest. As I try to focus on the muscles in my chest I try to feel my stomach fill. I try to feel my abdomen rise and fall. And I try to focus on my abdomen. The more I do this the better I feel. And the less tension I feel on my body.

Now this may not work for everyone, but I guarantee you it will work for you. As a matter of fact the first one in the first row in the room will get a free copy of The Skin Care Handbook. So if you’re at all interested in skin health, get your copy today.

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