Can Raw Food Fight Aging?

You have 1.4 quadrillion bacteria and fungi and 14 quadrillion mitochondria living within you and do everything from regulating your emotions, to keeping your skin clear, to fixing autoimmune issues. By exposing yourself to a healthy biodynamic environment you give your immune system the chance to regulate itself with good bacteria and fungi, which is what will calm an overzealous inflammatory immune system and heal you best.

Your body has the ability to heal itself, and it is an ability that you have over the rest of the world. The bad bacteria and fungi that live in your intestines are able to move through your skin, and into the lymphatic system, which connects with your blood stream. It is the lymphatic system that gives your body the ability to travel to the far reaches of the world, bring back nutrients that can repair and replace your cells, and even keep your heart pumping. The bacteria and fungi found in your digestive tract are literally the food that sustains you.

Your body will die if it lacks the bacteria and fungi it requires to keep it functioning well, and you are what you eat. You have been told this so many times that it has become a reflex. A good diet is what will keep you alive. So you have been told and the food that you eat is usually what is providing you with all of the nutrients that are making you feel good, and keeping you looking young, and energetic. You may be saying what you eat is fine, but is the food that you eat giving you what you need.

I am going to take this opportunity to say that the nutrients in the food that you eat is not enough to sustain your aging body. There are many reasons for your aging body to look old.

First of all, your body needs the antioxidants found in raw fruits and vegetables, and they should be eaten raw, and in their natural state. The nutrients in them are important for keeping your skin and hair looking good, and keeping your internal organs healthy. The foods that are providing your body the antioxidants that are vital for it to be able to function well, is a raw food diet. Also, your body needs some protein and some carbohydrates to keep you going. This is why raw nuts, raw beans, and raw grains are excellent for your diet. Your body can only process so much. When you do not give it what it needs it becomes weak and listless, as well as lethargic.

The last thing that you need is a diuretic. You have been drinking bottled water all of your life, and most likely will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. But if you had known that is being harmful to your health, you would not have done so. This water is only helpful if it is alkaline. The more you drink, the less it can bring to your system. The better choice is mineral water, because they are more similar to your own internal water. There are many things in this form of water that are more like mineral and nutrient rich foods.

If you keep your body healthy, by just eating raw vegetables and fruits and avoiding all other foods, by now you will be able to slowly reduce the toxins in your body. If you keep this up, and your diet is natural you will find that your body will begin to work harder for you, and also your skin will start to look better and also your sex life will begin to improve, and also you will begin to lose weight, and also you will begin to shed those extra pounds.

So by following the advice in this article, and also exercising, and also avoiding all the food additives and preservatives, and also the things that are stressing your body out, you will gradually but surely get your body in the best shape it has ever been in, and also start to look better, and also have better sex life, and also lose weight, and also shed those extra pounds.

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