How to Get Younger Eyes Easily

The human body’s ability to heal on its own is impressive. With a little help from stem cell therapy, it goes from impressive to almost unbelievable. And it’s not just about healing injuries reversing aging is all about healing and recovering from stress and strain like a young person. Healing is core to resilience. Extracting your own stem cells and then injecting them with intention can upgrade your biology in science fiction-esque ways. We will look at three of the many ways this can be done.

Stem Cell Therapy

The human body’s amazing stem cell capacity is called autoregulation. It’s the ability of the body to learn from previous experiences. This is why you can’t predict what’s coming your way and then simply stop doing the unexpected. The human body’s stem cell regenerative potential goes well beyond your bone marrow. It’s in your brain, heart, liver, kidneys, and all the way down to the optic nerve.

If the stem cell of one person are used to repair your eye, the effects will ripple through the entire body and eye tissue regeneration may just be possible. The same may be true for a heart patient. If someone has a heart attack, the patients stem cell cells can be used to repair and rebuild the hearts tissue and the heart may just be able to beat again. These kinds of results are not just a little unusual, they are very unusual.

Stem Cell Therapy

This is where stem cells are harvested from an area of the body and injected into the area of interest. In the context of regenerative medicine, this is known as photorejuvenation therapy. The eye being the most vulnerable organ in the body, it would be wise to choose an area that is not likely to have already undergone significant tissue destruction.

Steamy has been around since 2004 and the company is a leader in the area of photorejuvenation. They were in the news for a time about their studies on stem cell therapy for macular degeneration and retinitis pigmentosa and then later it was reported they were also studying the effects of photorejuvenation on aging eyes. These studies are still ongoing, but the results are amazing. The patient’s report a drastic improvement of eyesight and their appearance and their eyes will be more bright, fresh, lively, and youthful than they have been in years.

Photorejuvenation is done on an outpatient basis by an experienced doctor, who is an expert in the field and does not come to you with any promises. He can explain to you the benefits that you can expect to receive and explain the risks and harms that can occur.

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