The Secret to Keeping Your Brain Healthy

A fascinating new study reported in the journal Neuron reveals that you will have great memory recall when your deep delta sleep is synchronized with your alpha brain waves. This is vital information for older people because they lose brain rhythm at night due to less coordination between the two brain waves that are central to cementing new memories.

For example, if you had been asked to name five objects found in a series of pictures, your recall would be a lot poorer if you woke before the onset of the alpha wave. The study reveals that people with higher brainwave frequencies were better able to be refreshed enough to be able to learn new information and recall it, in comparison to those with lower brainwave frequency. The best memory recall was found in those with a deep delta sleep period.

This is the key and this is the secret that will ensure that you maintain your peak memory recall. If you do not get enough deep delta sleep, you will have impaired recall, no matter how much sleep you get. This is why sleep is so important in the aging process.

Your brain is designed to retain information at the deepest phase of sleep. Your sleep cycle comprises an alpha wave and a deep delta sleep. Your alpha wave is in the deepest phase of deep sleep. The deep delta sleep will be triggered by the emergence of the lightest wave of the deep delta wave.

The brain is able to consolidate new memory events because it is able to link the new memory to the old ones. You must use this feature of the brain in order to link the new information to the old ones. To do this, the brain uses a slow wave. Slow waves occur in the deep phase of delta wave. The slow wave is the lowest stage of REM sleep. This sleep cycle will be triggered by the emergence of the lightest wave of the deepest delta wave. The deep sleep is very important in memory. The deep delta sleep has the ability to make memories more lasting. When sleep has been fully consolidated, your brain is able to link the new memory to the old ones. Your mind can link the new memory to the old ones and will recognize the new memory as a part of your memory collection.

However, people who sleep poorly will not have this opportunity to link the memory to the old memories. They are still in a deep phase of delta sleep, which is the lowest stage of REM sleep.

As your memory develops, the slow waves become lighter, which means that the brain will be able to link the memory with the old memories. But, as soon as the brain tries to link a memory with the old memories, it is unable to do this because of the lack of slow wave activity. Your memory will be incomplete. It will not be able to link the new memory with the old memories.

How to improve the sleep cycle?

One of the simplest ways to improve the slow wave activity is to make sure that the eyes are properly hydrated. During deep sleep, the brain is not involved in the process of memory consolidation. However, if the brain decides to continue, it will use the brain cells located in the area of the brain called the hippocampus. The hippocampus is the part of the brain that is responsible for consolidation of memory. The more that the brain remembers, the better the brain will be able to link the memory with the other memories. To do this, the hippocampus cells will be turned on.

Another important thing that you can do to improve the sleep cycle is to improve your eating habits. A proper eating regimen will make sure that the body is able to sleep properly. Remember that the body is required to sleep to consolidate memories.

How to make sure that the eyes are hydrated?

The process of using your eyes to detect the difference of light varies from person to person. You can check for hydration by taking a look at the skin under the eyes. If there is no difference in the skin under the eyes, it means that the eyes are dry. To treat the problem of eyes being dehydrated, you have to follow a sleeping regimen. In addition to that, you can also follow a proper eating regimen to get rid of the problems of eyes being dehydrated. When the eyes are properly hydrated, the sleeping cycle will also be properly organized. If the eyes feel completely hydrated, the skin under the eyes will be lubricated and wrinkle free.

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