Why We Become inactivity And Inactivity

Humans are essentially magnets, walking energy. Every single cell in our body has a negative charge and a positive charge. We also know from research that sick and diseased cells have a different type of charge on them than healthy vibrant ones. Through grounding or earthing, we create space in an electromagnetic way within our cellular structure. Connecting to the earth fuels us, charges our body magnetically, energetically. As a result we get rejuvenated, healthy vibrant cells and tissues. Our self rejuvenation is our natural right.

When we disconnect from the earth, we disconnect from our energetic body. We create a little pocket of neutrality within our energetic body. Then we become sedentary, inactive, like a computer. Our body creates a little neutral pocket within us to stay connected, charged, energized, in the same way a computer may create a little neutral pocket in the keyboard, monitor, and glass. Then they must connect to the earth periodically to keep it charged, energized, and alive.

If we are disconnecting from the earth by running, biking, or taking the train to work, we become disconnected from our own energetic body and our brain, which is at the same time. When we sit all day in a chair our brain does not get the charge. We are the ones who are sedentary and inactive. We become inactive and inactive. We must connect to the earth periodically to stay connected, charged, energetic, and alive. We also learn to do it through grounding daily. We don’t need to have a magnetic fountain that water is flowing into our body, and we’re getting charged from it. We need to learn to do it through a daily grounding.

The earth is not a computer. The earth is not a desk, and the earth is not a computer monitor. We need to be charged through a daily grounding and reconnection with our self, our physical self, through the earth, and our brain. This is our natural right, to remain connected, charged, and energized and alive. We need to learn to become active, connective, and active – not by running, biking, or getting a magnetic fountain, but through grounding and reconnection with our self and the earth.

As our self gets disconnected, we are sedentary, inactive, inactive, disconnected, and then we become inactivity and inactivity. We can learn to become grounded, grounded, grounded, and connected – this is our natural right, to be connected, charged, and energized, and alive.

We must become grounded and energized and alive, daily. It is as simple as that.

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